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kirkendall void的造句和例句: 1. A reliability experiment of thermal aging was carried out for the two types of joints , scanning electron microscopy , energy dispersive x – ray spectrometer and micro x – ray diffractomer were adopted to investigate the interfacial
kirkendall voids 添加釋義 網絡釋義 克氏空孔 金屬化面的鍵合沒有克氏空孔(Kirkendall voids),因此 比Au線鍵合到相同的表面要更加可靠。 基于22個網頁-相關網頁
P. J. Shang,Z. Q. Liu,D. X. Li,et al. Intermetallic compound identification and Kirkendall void formation in eutectic SnIn/Cu solder joint during solid-state aging[J]. …
Kirkendall void and longitudinal penetrating crack [120]. | Download Scientific Diagram
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
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Intermetallics and Kirkendall Voids Continue to Grow at Room Temperature | Dr. Ron Lasky | Indium Corporation Blogs | Solder Reliability
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科學網—柯肯達爾效應 (Kirkendall effect)
The Kirkendall effect. At the boundary between two solids diffusing into each other at different rates, for example zinc and copper, their alloy (brass) grows in the direction of the faster-moving species (zinc). Unfilled voids are left behind and coalesce into large pores.
23/1/2021 · Multifilamentary composites with constant Nb/bronze ratio were heat treated for a range of reaction times. With increasing reaction time, the size of diffusion (Kirkendall) voids in the bronze matrix increases, as does the Nb/sub 3/Sn layer thickness. Because of the resultant changes in mechanical
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Kirkendall voids mechanism during isothermal aging (a) and its... | Download Scientific Diagram
OSTI.GOV Conference: Kirkendall voids: a detriment to Nb/sub 3/Sn superconductors Kirkendall voids: a detriment to Nb/sub 3/Sn superconductors Full Record Other Related Research Abstract

國立交通大學機構典藏:以直流電製備奈米雙晶銅及其在3D IC 封 …

The formation of Kirkendall void can weaken the mechanical properties of the microbumps. Therefore, the void-free nt-Cu can be performed to observe the cross-interaction independently affecting to the interfacial reaction in Cu/solder/Ni microbump.
The void formation resulted in weak bonding between solder and Cu and led to brittle fracture at the interface in the ball shear and pull tests. The experimental results indicate that a barrier for Cu diffusion may be needed between the solder and the type of Cu used in the test vehicle for the packages that will experience high temperature (>100°C) and high stress.
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
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of 32 1.空洞及其危害 PCB Pin Lead PCB 一般SMT 焊點內的空洞 BGA錫球內的page19 of 32 圖片來源﹕Kirkendall void formation in eutectic SnPb solder 熱循環條件下焊點失效行為的研究
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大俠賜教,何謂Kirkendall效應?謝謝,在哪查的到,新手菜鳥! 中文譯名:克根達爾效應 即證明了互擴散過程中組員的擴散系數不同及置換式擴散的空位機制。一般是擴散系數快的和擴散系數小的兩種材料的界面處出現空洞,具體你可以看一下有關擴散的書籍,如材料科學基礎,清華大學,潘金生,
實驗結果證 明, 金於打線後一天, 就生成 Au4Cl 和 Au2Cl, 厚達 8um, 打線後 4 天更是生成 Kirkendall Void. 而相同實驗條件下, 銅線於一天候沒有生成任何化合物, 16 天後才生成非常薄的 Cu/Al 層, 128 天之後, 僅生成約 1um 的金屬間化合物, 且完全沒有 Kirkendall Void 生成.
26/1/2021 · The sub-micron void called “Kirkendall void” has been widely observed within intermetallic compound (IMC) layers in solder joints of semiconductor package interconnections that include both the first level interconnection for a silicon die to a substrate and the second level interconnection for the substrate to a PCB board. Based on many researches on Kirkendall void through a variety of
Diffusion In Solids The Kirkendall Effect And Fabrication Of Coreshell Nanoparticles - Periodic Precipitation


極佳的抗Kirkendall void特性 Material Properties of (111) nt-Cu High tensile strength High thermal stability High conductivity Excellent electromigration resistance Low Kirkendall void in Sn/Cu stacking (111)奈米雙晶銅應用 扇出型封裝
 · PDF 檔案Effect of Cu–Sn intermetallic compound reactions on the Kirkendall void growth characteristics in Cu/Sn/Cu microbumps Jong-Myeong Park1, Seung-Hyun Kim1, Myeong-Hyeok Jeong2, and Young-Bae Park1* 1School of Materials Science and Engineering, Andong National University, Andong, Gyeongbuk 760-749, Korea
タイトル 高溫はんだとCu板の接合部におけるカーケンダルボイドの生成 著者 石川 信二 著者 林 浩史 著者 末永 誠 他 出版地(國名コード) JP 出版年(W3CDTF) 2006-07 件名(キーワード) Solder 件名(キーワード) Kirkendall Void
(PDF) Kirkendall-like Voids Produced by Surface Diffusion